Air Bag Shredding & Recycling

Resource-One Air Bag Shredding & Recycling Program

The “Resource-One Way” is to NEVER settle.  We constantly strive to innovate and improve as individuals, as a company, for our customers, and for our environment!

We are always looking for innovative ways to make our customers look GOOD, like with our Solvent Reuse Program and our Air Bag Destruction & Recycling Program.  Since air bag inflators are considered explosive devices, we had to get an ATF-approved facility to store and process these.  Air bag modules consist of the inflator, the nylon air bag, and the plastic steering cover.  The modules are considered haz-waste by the EPA unless special exemptions are obtained, which we have.

TK Global, formerly Takata, had a massive recall on air bags, affecting car manufacturers everywhere.  One major car manufacturer approached us in June 2017 to find a way to dispose of unused and recalled air bags in the most environmentally-friendly way.  We obtained our ATF permits by September of that year and began designing a proprietary underwater shredder that same Fall.  In February of 2018, we obtained our necessary EPA exemptions, and in March of last year, we commenced the project with our first underwater shredder, allowing Resource-One to be the first in the country to find a solution to the air bag problem and recycle every part of the air bag modules, including the inflators.

The Resource-One process is that we schedule shipments.  We then receive the shipments and verify them by weight, skid count, or scanning – whatever method our customer wants.  We then de-content or disassemble the boxes depending on whether they are modules or just inflators.  The inflators are sent to our proprietary underwater shredder, and 100% of all the materials are sent for recycling.

Over 600,000 modules & inflators have come through Resource-One’s doors since the program began, and we are posed to DOUBLE capacity by June/July of this year.