AirBag Shredding & Recycling

Due to a massive recall on air bags, affecting car manufacturers everywhere, Resource-One began researching a way in June of 2017 to find a way to dispose of unused and recalled air bags in the most environmentally-friendly way. Air bag inflators are considered explosive devices and regulated by the ATF, and air bag modules are typically considered hazardous waste by the EPA.

Resource-One obtained ATF permits by September of 2017 and began designing a proprietary shredder that same Fall.  In February of 2018, R1 obtained the necessary EPA exemptions.  In March of 2018, the shredder allowed Resource-One to be the first in the country to find a solution to the air bag problem and 100% recycle every part of the air bag modules, including the inflators.

To date, R1 has shredded and recycled millions of air bag inflators, modules, and canisters and tripled its capacity since 2018.


  • R1’s Innovation. We were the first to create a way to fully recycle all parts of airbag inflators and modules in the best way for the environment.
  • R1’s Commitment to Brand Security. We have 24/7 surveillance of our process, with accessibility available to our customers, and we can verify however you need – scanning, counting, etc. You also will receive CODs (Certificates of Destruction) to match every load.
  • R1’s Experience & Credibility. We’ve been processing airbag inflators and modules since the original Takata recalls began (now TK Services). We’ve been working with TK directly and processing airbags from some of the largest auto brands in the world. Our top executives have decades of experience in the environmental and automotive industry and have the expert advice you need to handle a recall of this nature.
  • R1 is Efficient & Competitively-Priced. We realize you want these units out of your facility as efficiently as possible. We’ll respond to your inquiry quickly and provide a quote quickly.
  • R1’s Capacity. We’ve processed millions and millions of airbag inflators and modules the past several years, and we tripled capacity since 2018 with our proprietary shredders. We’re poised to handle whatever your volume is, wherever you are in the country.
  • R1’s Logistical Network. We partner with RAS and TK Services directly, so getting the units to our facility is a smooth and efficient process with experienced and permitted transporters.
  • R1’s Environmentally-Friendly Solution. We’re the only U.S. company providing a safe, cost-effective, and environmentally-friendly solution to processing these airbag inflators through secure disassembly, shredding, and zero-landfill recycling.
  • R1 has the Necessary Permits. We’re a RCRA-designated facility and have all the necessary permits in place to receive your recalled inflators and modules. Our capabilities extend far beyond airbag disposal should you require other services. We also have all ATF and EPA permits needed to keep our site secure, and your materials handled in the appropriate way.
  • R1’s Paperwork Support. We help dealerships, scrap yards, and OEMs navigate the complex regulated process of managing the materials from their hands to ours. Airbags are logged and tracked throughout the shipment and destruction process. We provide material traceability, all necessary certificates, and prompt proof of disposal. You also receive a detailed tracking report for every shipment attached to your invoice.
  • R1’s Commitment to Customer Satisfaction. We’ve received numerous awards from American Honda over the years, and our other customers have great things to say about our service.
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