Air Bag Shredding & Recycling

Due to a massive recall on air bags, affecting car manufacturers everywhere, Resource-One began researching a way in June of 2017 to find a way to dispose of unused and recalled air bags in the most environmentally-friendly way. Air bag inflators are considered explosive devices and regulated by the ATF, and air bag modules are typically considered hazardous waste by the EPA.

Resource-One obtained ATF permits by September of 2017 and began designing a proprietary shredder that same Fall.  In February of 2018, R1 obtained the necessary EPA exemptions.  In March of 2018, the shredder allowed Resource-One to be the first in the country to find a solution to the air bag problem and 100% recycle every part of the air bag modules, including the inflators.

To date, R1 has shredded and recycled millions of air bag inflators, modules, and canisters and tripled its capacity since 2018.

Resource-One Tripled Capacity by 2020