You may be checking out our site and asking how all this works for YOU – Here are some frequently asked questions you might want answered as well.

Watch these short clips from our experienced staff here at Resource-One to see how we can help YOU look good!

FAQ #2- Companies ask, “How do you help us reduce our haz-waste and EPA generator status?”

Environmental Specialist, Cassi, shares how we can help YOUR company be Zero-Landfill:

  1. First, we provide specialized services by our Environmental Specialist Team.  We source the best options and find homes for your materials that are alternatives to landfill, moving you up the EPA Hierarchy.
  2. Through partners like the non-profit, InRETURN, that use excess diaper material and turn it into industrial absorbents and recycled car headliners and convert them into eco-friendly packing materials and even dog beds!
  3. As a last resort, any materials that can’t be reused or recycled go to our Waste-to-Energy (WTE) Program where it is processed, generates steam, and helps power a large, metropolitan city.

About half of our customers are now Zero-Landfill, so we can do this for you if it’s one of your goals!

FAQ #3 – Companies ask, “What do you REALLY do?”

Resource-One Co-Founder, Rob, shares how we can help YOU reduce your Hazardous Waste & EPA Generator Status:

  1. First, we look at your hazardous waste streams – the goal is to take it as a product not a waste (hazardous material is VERY different than haz-waste)
  2. Then, we look at any exemptions to your haz-waste streams
    • As an example, we have programs to reuse your rags that would normally go out as haz-waste where they are now reused as a product
  3. All these ways – and more – reduce your EPA generator status and reduce the scrutiny of the EPA on your operations

We helped one company go from being a Large Quantity Generator (LQG) to a Small Quantity Generator (SQG) with the EPA in just one year!!!  We would love to show you how we can do this for you.

Environmental Specialist, Billy, shares what we REALLY do and how we’re set apart:

  1. We help reduce environmental risk and help achieve goals of zero-landfill
  2. We are a one-stop, one-source provider of all your reuse/recycling needs
  3. We provide monthly tracking feedback reports and storage labels/containers that are all customized and tailored to YOUR needs

We have a very high customer satisfaction rate, and we can’t wait to help YOU with our easy, simple, and user-friendly programs as well!