Going Green is Profitable for Manufacturers

“Going Green” can actually help manufacturers stay out of the red.  Employee engagement in recycling programs has proven results to increase safety awareness as well, resulting in lower safety incidents in the workplace.  The right recycling programs as well can yield rebates on materials that would otherwise become landfill.

Managing all waste materials through one source helps avoid penalties charged by the EPA and DOT.  Being able to transport hazardous materials as products for reuse lowers environmental risk and decreases the generator status on the EPA, making manufacturers LOOK GOOD!resource one recycling zero landfill

Resource One is manufacturers’ one source for finding the best and preferred methods for the environment.  Honda of America has seen incredible results through R1’s services and NSG Pilkington was able to go from being a Large Quantity Generator (LQG) to a Small Quantity Generator (SQG) in about a year’s time.  Robert Stuart of NSG Pilkington says how impressed they were by the level of attention to detail: “Todd (Environmental Specialist at Resource One) pointed out that our drums were the wrong size for the material we had according to DOT standards.”  Stuart went on to say, “Not only that, Resource One has helped improve Pilkington’s safety culture immeasurably since coming in.”

Resource One offers FREE site visits to evaluate manufacturing companies’ operations to determine how R1 can help them looking even better find a fit to reduce environmental risk.