covid-19 rapid response

COVID-19 Precautionary Cleaning & Full Decontamination Services

Resource-One & Superior Environmental Solutions:

“Safety is our #1 Priority”

Resource-One, an SES Company, can offer both Precautionary Cleanings & Full Decontamination Services as a crucial part of your Pandemic Emergency Plan.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, having trusted professionals like those from Superior Environmental Solutions’ Emergency Rapid Response Team is extremely important. SES can offer your company precautionary cleanings as well as full decontamination services during these unprecedented times.


For a precautionary cleaning, highly trained staff from Superior Environmental Solutions will perform a wipe-down service for any potentially contaminated areas in your facility.

To help prevent the spread of this novel coronavirus, our team will manually wipe down and spray “high touch” surfaces with CDC & EPA approved materials during these services.


With full decontamination, the Emergency Rapid Response Team will bring in foggers and have full suits and respirators on during the process.

Our same highly trained and experienced personnel will conduct an industry-leading hospital-grade sanitation process in your facility. Testing is done to ensure full decontamination of your site.

All materials used in the process of sanitizing your facility will be cleaned and disinfected and then disposed of as biohazardous waste according to all regulations.

All SES Rapid Response Team members are rigorously trained to the highest industry standards and frequently work in all sizes of industrial operations and confined spaces.  We meet all regulatory requirements and do it in a safe and professional way.  Call or email us today.

24-Hr Emergency Rapid Response Team: (513) 874-8355 |