Organic Materials You May Not Think to Compost

Organic materials can be composted; manufacturers don’t have to dispose of them as waste. Below is a list of common items you can compost:

  • Breakroom Scraps
  • Food Material (Pre/Post-Consumer)
  • Coffee Grounds/Filters
  • Paper Plates/Cups
  • Paper Towels
  • Cotton/Wool Rags
  • Dryer and Vacuum Cleaner Lint
  • Office Paper & Newspaper
  • Grass Clippings
  • Wood Chips & Sawdust
  • Sands and Sludge
    • Note: Sands and Sludge require extensive paperwork to ensure that no hazardous materials are present (haz materials can still be taken for reuse with the right programs, just not composted)

A couple oddball items you may not think can be composted are diaper pulp and label backings. If you manufacture diapers or similar products, the pulp is made of paper fibers and therefore should be compostable. Label backings are typically just paper with a wax coating. Paper is organic, and wax is often organic, so you can compost those as well instead of throwing them away!

You may have other materials that are made of organic materials as well that do not have to leave your facility as a waste – just get creative!

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Contact: Courtney Snow