Our Process

Hands on From Start to Finish

At Resource-One our goal is to be your one source management team for recycling programs and environmental services. To meet that goal we developed a process as simple as our Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle methodology – Assess, Plan, and Implement. This three-phased approach allows us to create the best plan to help your facility minimize its overall environmental impact and strive for the Zero Waste goal.

Assessment: Getting to know you and your facility

It is much easier to assess the needs of a facility in-person, instead of over the phone. An in-person visit allows us to gain a better understanding of what is being done, what could be done better, and what isn’t being done at all.

Our goal is to be incredibly thorough to ensure we provide you with the best, most comprehensive service possible. This begins with our assessment phase, where we pay you and your facility a personal visit. During the visit, we will evaluate your operations down to the last detail: we look at what you are producing, how efficiently it is produced, and the amount of waste generated as a result.


Planning: Putting it all on paper

After completing our extensive walk-through of your plant, we compile all of the information gathered, review it, and evaluate how best we can meet the needs of your facility.

When it comes to providing the most superior service possible, we make sure to leave no stone unturned; we go step-by-step through your process and identify areas in which to create environmental programs. We consider the more obvious plans, such as office paper, cardboard, and plastics, as well as those that are often forgotten: rags, wipers, solvents, and batteries. Once we have weighed all of the options, we customize a plan molded specifically to the needs of you and your plant.


Implementation: Let us do that for you

We understand that facility management is incredibly time-consuming, and implementing environmental programs can add to your workload – that’s why we pride ourselves on being your one source management team.

Resource-One will set up programs onsite and handle the removal of items to meet your daily needs. We will also provide timely, comprehensive tracking reports and user-friendly monthly feedback to benchmark and measure program success over time, as well as make on-going recommendations for continued improvement of implemented programs.