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Product Destruction Division

secure product destruction

We don’t just focus on the traditional “3 Rs”. At Resource-One, we have “4 Rs” as our guiding focus: Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. We are constantly rethinking how we can find better ways of handling customers’ materials and doing it with the best methods available for our environment. The product destruction side of our business was born out of this passion for innovation and delivering ultimate customer satisfaction and service customization.

Resource-One’s Product Destruction Division has been recognized as the best in product destruction and air bag disassembly, shredding, and recycling in the United States. Our secure facility in Covington, Ohio has both EPA and ATF permits, and our air bag program had the backing of former Ohio EPA director, Craig Butler, when it began in 2017.

We have been recognized with numerous awards from major car manufacturers over the years and been featured in publications such as Recycling Today.

airbag destruction

Air Bag Disassembly, Shredding, & Recycling Program

Due to a massive recall on air bags, affecting car manufacturers everywhere, Resource-One began researching a way in June of 2017 to find a way to dispose of unused air bags in the most environmentally-friendly way. Air bag inflators are considered explosive devices and regulated by the ATF and EPA, and air bag modules are typically considered hazardous waste by the EPA.

Resource-One obtained an ATF permit by September of 2017 and began designing a proprietary shredder that same Fall.  In February of 2018, R1 obtained the necessary EPA exemptions.  In March of 2018, the shredder allowed Resource-One to be the first in the country to find a solution to the air bag problem and 100% recycle every part of the air bag modules, including the inflators.

To date, R1 has shredded and recycled millions of air bag inflators, modules, and canisters and tripled its capacity since 2018.

airbag shredding
Resource-One Tripled Capacity by 2020

secure parts destruction

Secure Parts Destruction Program

With automotive parts destruction, Resource-One receives new and used automotive parts of every kind for destruction and recycling. These come from auto manufacturers or their parts centers across the country. One of the largest car manufacturers has been our primary partner since this program launched.

When shipments arrive, verification through item and/or weight counts is conducted. Based on customer need, Resource-One can provide Certificates of Destruction for all materials brought to our Covington, Ohio warehouse.

Other services provided in this division include metal crate repair, tooling and die destruction, secure destruction and recycling of warranty material, and recycling of the following other automotive-related materials: alum rims, transmissions, cardboard, general waste-to-energy materials, lithium ion car batteries, ferrous metal, bumpers, windshields, catalytic converters, returnable metal container repair, and more.

Secure Destruction Protects Customers’ Brands: All businesses produce waste, and when it’s too risky to reuse, recycle, or landfill, secure destruction is their best bet. It’s the safest, most environmentally-friendly disposal option that protects their brand and keeps operations running smoothly.

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Resource-One has the capability to expand our footprint rapidly, based on customers’ evolving needs.

Resource-One has built our reputation on integrity. You can trust that your scrap will all go to its final destination securely and as promised, whether that is through verified certificates of destruction, witness destroy, or other protective methods. Our highest priorities are safety and protecting the integrity of our customers’ scrap.

As an ATF-regulated site, our Covington warehouse is one of the most secure you will find. Our property and warehouse are also under video surveillance at all times.

All of your materials are tracked for feedback reporting and discussed in a transparent and detailed way at periodic customer meetings.

Todd Hormann secure product destruction

Todd Hormann

Vice President, Product Destruction

Diane Lade secure product destruction

Diane Lade

Business Development Manager, Product Destruction

austin brewer secure product destruction

Austin Brewer

Product Destruction Division Manager

courtney snow secure product destruction

Courtney Snow

Sales Support Manager, Product Destruction

long gantz secure product destruction

Lon Gantz

Outbound Commodity Manager, Product Destruction

Donna Wiggall

Donna Wiggall

Administrative Manager, Product Destruction

Diane Lade, former customer, shares why she chose Resource-One then, and why she has joined our team now.