Sponge Blasting: A Better Alternative

Safely remove deposits, extend coating life, and reduce maintenance costs through this new service offering from Superior Environmental Solutions. Sponge Blasting is a safer and more environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional dry blasting.

Microabrasive particles are embedded in synthetic sponges to clean surfaces through pneumatic propulsion in a similar way as hydroblasting or sandblasting. The technology is low-dust and low-ricochet.

20+ different sizes and grades of abrasives can be used for the most sensitive to the toughest surfaces (Profile 0 to 150+ microns).

The sponge media can even be recycled for reuse up to 15 times!


  • 100% Dry Method
  • Significantly Reduces Dust Levels (98%)
  • Reduces Water Consumption
  • Better Workplace Health & Safety
  • Increased Coating Life
  • Saves Time
  • Protects Sensitive Equipment


  • Cleaning
  • Coating Maintenance
  • Low-Level Decontamination