stream segregation

Segregate Streams to Reduce Haz-Waste

Did you know that segregating your waste streams could help you reduce your hazardous waste?  Well, it can. We’ve helped many of our customers reduce their haz-waste poundage each month by evaluating each waste stream, researching options with the generators, and helping implement programs with their staff to reduce haz-waste.  Some evaluation of streams has even led to innovative approaches of transforming haz-waste to products for reuse!

We have found over the past couple decades that many of our customers not only include the actual haz-waste material in their collection drums, but they also put in rags, gloves, debris, empty tubes, empty liners, empty pails, etc. that have been contaminated by that haz-waste material.

What they sometimes don’t know is that all the weight added by the “contaminated” materials may not have to be shipped out as haz-waste!  By separating out these types of materials, the new segregated stream may qualify to ship as RCRA-Empty or just as a DOT-regulated haz-mat and not an EPA haz-waste.

Once your people are trained on how and what to separate, we help with the new profiles, get approvals, and all you have to do is put on the new Recovery Station labels we provide!  It sounds simple, but that’s because Resource-One has been doing this for 20 years with 200+ customers across the country and knows how to make it simple and easy for the generators we partner with.

We can do it for you, too!  Just schedule your FREE site visit today to learn about all our programs and see how we can help make you LOOK GOOD while doing what’s best for our environment.